Rijaa Nadeem

Rijaa Nadeem


Televison – Scandal Made me Famous: Patty Hearst

Patty Hearst became internationally known after her February 1974 kidnapping and brainwashing by domestic American terrorist group the Symbionese Liberation Army, and was arrested 19 months later for crimes she committed with her captors.

Televison – Scandal Made me Famous: Ethan Couch

Ethan was referred to as The Affluenza Kid during his trial in Tarrant County where he killed 2 people in a car accident while driving drunk and being underage.

Short Film – Piece of Naan

Living as an outcast within the conservative religious society of Pakistan, Rafi is a transvestite who earns a living through begging and selling his body. He meets Nadia who grew up in the upper class of society however is forced into prostitution by her indebted father. Even though they are from completely different walks of life, They learn to bond amidst a common difficult situation.

Television – Murder Made Me Famous: Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Gate a former Texas music teacher and choir leader, Marshall Applewhite was the founder of Heaven’s Gate, a religious group which organized the largest American mass suicide since Jonestown.

Television – Scandal Made me Famous: Monica Lewinsky

The Clinton–Lewinsky scandal was a sex scandal involving Bill Clinton, the president of the United States, and Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern.

Short Film – Meet Him at Noon (Currently in the festival circuit)

When an ancient statue for a gallery exhibit accidentally breaks, Ari must go through great lengths in order to procure a replacement.